University Of Arizona Researcher Reveals

How Dentists Across U.S. And Canada Are Deploying A.I. Robots To  Greet Patients, Answer Queries And Book Appointments From Within Their Website...
...without spending any money on marketing, while reducing workload for their human staff?

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Step 2 of 3: Watch The 16 Min Case Study Below

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What You'll Learn In This FREE Case Study Training:

  • Systems and Human Inefficiencies: The various systems and human inefficiencies in dental practices that have created a wall of barriers between patients and providers... and why it's essential for practices to eliminate these inefficiencies first?
  • Marketing Is Not The Answer: Why more marketing is not the answer... and why it will only lead to more problems resulting in more no-shows, more inefficiencies, and increased workload for the staff?
  • Patients Are Expected To Navigate On Their Own: How practices spend 100s and 1000s of dollars to build, maintain and manage their website, but fail to assist their website visitors and expect them to navigate the website on their own.
  • Stop Losing Website Visitors: How an artificial intelligence robot  such as Irine A.I. can work for dental practices 24*7, answer their patient questions all day & night and convert website visitors into new patients leads and appointments
  • 100s and 100s of new patient opportunities with $0 ad spend: How dentists across U.S. and Canada are using artificial intelligence robots to generate 100s and 100s of new patient opportunities from within their website without needing to spend any money on marketing. 
Press release by the University of Arizona about our research works on reducing no-shows

About Your Host - Vinodh Subramanian

Vinodh Subramanian is a systems engineer, researcher & startup entrepreneur with a passion to build, scale, and grow products that solve real problems for real people using technology, innovation & systems thinking. 

Graduated in May 2019 with a Masters in Engineering Management from the University of Arizona, Vinodh was awarded as the "Student Innovator Of The Year" for 2020 for his research works on eliminating the various system and human inefficiencies that result in no shows which is a $150 Billion problem in the healthcare industry. .

As part of his research work, Vinodh has developed a system to help private practices reduce no shows using systems thinking principles focussed on eliminating the various inefficiencies that prevent patients from receiving the care they need from their providers. 

Vinodh is currently expanding his research work on eliminating the  inefficiencies in healthcare that have created a wall of barriers between patients and providers.  

And, he is building a tech startup company called Hipokratiz, to build products, tools, and software to make healthcare more accessible, available and possible for everyone by eliminating the various systems, human and societal inefficiencies - one step at a time. 
Vinodh Subramanian Receiving "Student Innovator Of The Year-2020" Award From The University of Arizona

What Results Can You Expect For Your Practice?

On Average, Irine A.I. Adds An Additional 20 To 50 New Patients, Adding At Least $20,000 To $50,000 Or More In New Patient Revenue - Within The First 90 Days... With $0 Ad Spend (In Addition To Saving 100s And 1000s Of Dollars In Marketing Spend For Dental Practices)

See How Irine A.I. Is Helping Dentists Like Dr. Aanchal Chandra DDS To Get Their Website Visitors Into Their Office

Here's What A Few Other Dental Practice Owners Across U.S. And Canada Had To Say About Irine A.I.

"It's really good, I really love their virtual receptionist on my website"

-Dr. Jean Joseph, DDS

JB Dental Designs, Midland, Texas

"every week or so, I get a couple of requests for dental procedures, which I wasn't receiving before Irine was placed on my website""

Dr. Francisco Azar, DDS

Azar Dentistry, North Miami Beach, FL

"We now have an employee that never sleeps, that's always accessible on our webpage"

Dr. AJ Paul, DDS

Waterfront Dentistry, Belleville, ON, Canada

"thanks to Irine, we have a lot of new inquiries over past 6 months. These are patients who would have looked elsewhere, or we would have lost revenue for..."

Dr. Preeti Kumar, DDS

Cedar Dental Care, Newark, CA

So Many Dental Practices From Both U.S. And Canada Have Started Capturing Patients That They Were Previously Losing... Using Artificial Intelligence And Irine! What About You?

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For A Limited Time, Get Our Research Report And Guide On Reducing Patient No Shows - When You Submit Your Application.

Inside the report and guide, you will learn: 

  • The Wall Of Barriers: How the healthcare industry has built an invisible wall & how it's preventing patients from providers... and what you need to do to tear down this wall to make it easy for your patients to get the care they need
  • 18 Different Root Causes Of No Shows: Why 1 out of every 5 patients fails to keep their appts... and the 18 root causes, system & human inefficiencies that you need to eliminate if you want to reduce no shows
  • Wasted Time & Financial Resources: Why practitioners lose $200 for every missed appointment resulting in a total loss of $150,000 per year in lost revenue... and what you need to do to stop losing this revenue in your practice
  • ​3 Step System To Reduce No Shows: How to start reducing no shows and solve various other invisible problems in the practice by eliminating the various systems, human and societal inefficiencies - one at a time. 

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